The Tree Sauna

In Sauna Veritas - In sauna there is truth!

Bathing in a steam sauna is much more than just bathing. A visit to the sauna is as close as it gets to a sacred and respectful encounter with the four basic elements; fertile earth, burning fire, fresh air and clean, drinkable water.

A sauna in the woods is both natural and sensible. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato saw the connection between trees and steam baths. It’s the reason he moved his lessons to a garden next to the popular steam bathhouse. Plato knew that trees and steam baths together made the perfect stimulus for philosophical thoughts and ideas.

Our tree sauna accommodates up to 8 people. You also have access to a hot tub as well as our custom-designed relaxation area. We provide all our sauna guests with shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels and slippers. Bild Bild Bild

Sauna prices

All prices are in Swedish Kronor and include VAT.

Guests of Treehotel:
adults: 200 per person
children: 75 per person

Private booking of the Sauna, for external guests of Treehotel:
For 4 people: 1000
For every extra:
adult: 250 per person
child: 50 per person

The price includes: Two hours in the sauna and relaxation area. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels and slippers for every person. Out door hot tub available at a charge of 1800 SEK

Book the Sauna

Call us or send an e-mail if you want to book the Sauna.

Telephone: +46 (0)928-104 03
E-mail: booking@treehotel.se


- Construction Year: 2010
- Architect: Inredningsgruppen
Bertil Harström
- Designed for 12 people.
- Construction Company:Hugos Trä
- Lighting: Atelje Lyktan
Treehotel/Brittas Pensionat
Edeforsväg 2 A
960 24 Harads
Phone: +46 (0)928-104 03
E-mail: booking@treehotel.se