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The Rooms

A total of 8-10 rooms have been planned for the forest area around Harads. Right now we offer six unique treerooms, built in 2010, 2011 and 2013 and designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. In addition to the five tree rooms there is also a two tree sauna buildings for up to twelve people, situated among the centuries-old pines.

Upon checking in at Britta’s Pensionat, it’s a five-minute walk to Treehotel. Treehotel is located in the tall pine forest with spectacular views of the Lule River. The tree rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground and are accessible by ramp, bridge, or electric stairs.

Each room is unique. Not only the architecture but also its furniture, lighting and fabrics are custom designed. The rooms vary in size between 15-30 m², with the largest rooms accommodating up to four people.

The daily operations as well as the tree room’s construction are environmentally friendly, aimed to have minimal impact on nature. That’s why each room has modern, environmentally-friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks.

We wouldn't have been able to reach this far if it wasn't for our fantastic partners:

Designers eye
Atelje Lyktan
Svantes Vilt & Bär

Find us

Treehotel is located approximately an hour by car from Luleå (Kallax) airport. Click here for different options to get here. karta

Environmental work

Treehotel is based on the genuine experience of nature so it’s a given that sustainability and ecological values are two pillars of our hotel operation.

Read more about our environmental work here.


Designers eye
Atelje Lyktan
Svantes Vilt & Bär
Treehotel/Brittas Pensionat
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