Almost all fresh produce is local and to the greatest extent, organically grown. Svantes Vilt och Bär, our key supplier of game, is located about one kilometre from Treehotel.

Since we’re very particular about all ingredients being of the best quality, we change our menu daily depending on supply and season. If you want to know exactly what is being served today, please contact us.

We'll gladly compose a three-course meal just for you.

Call us for more information.

Food, love and care

A visit to Treehotel is about experiencing silence, nature, design and last but not the least, taste.

Just like the rest of Tree Hotel, Britta's Restaurant is difficult to compare. It's not about Michelin stars, white table clothes and oyster gloves.

It's about food, love and care.

It's true we serve the finest fresh produce that Norrland has to offer. But, without love and care, Britta's would merely be a very good Norrland restaurant.

Our meals are carefully composed of fresh, wild, local produce, and it is a pleasure to invite you to dinner.

This week's lunch menu and à la carte can be found here.

Fresh produce

Arctic Char:

A Norrland specialty that tastes as good smoked as it does fried.

Caviar of Kalix

From Haparanda in the northern part of the archipelago to just south of Piteå, an enormous stream of fresh water flows from Norlland's rivers, the world's largest brackish water archipelago. Here, and only here, the vendace fish lay the exclusive and deep yellow-red eggs called Cavier of Kalix, also known as Bottenviken’s red gold.


Our salmon is imported directly from northern Norway.


Reindeer meat is the basis of the Sami food culture. The meat is very nutritious and has been vital to the Sami's survival for thousands of years. Thanks to the many ways of preparing the delicate reindeer meat, we're able to create a large variation of taste experiences.


Of course, the most well-known Swedish wild animal is offered on our menu. Moose meat is prepared and used in many different ways to enhance the experience.


The wildest flavours come from this mythical animal. The Norrland bear is a rare delicacy that we prepare in the finest way possible.

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