Welcome to Treehotel

Our new amenities building is the heart of all our activities. In the lounge our guides greet the guests, give information and appropriate equipment for the activities. Next to the warming fire the guests can relax before and after the activities, lunch or dinner.


Welcome winter

Winter is on our doorstep and we welcome it, along with our guests, with open arms. Thenorthern lights are already dancing across the sky, and we can enjoy both cool and warm winter experiences in the glistening snow. Treehotel’s surroundings are home to the indigenous Sami people. We are now expandingour range of Sami activities, offering guests an authentic and genuine way to meet the Samiand experience their culture. We also have a lot of...

Northern lights and autumn colours

At the end of our subarctic summer with round-the-clock daylight, we are embraced by fiery autumn colours. Autumn is one of our greatest seasons. In recent years, the northern lights have frequently been visible even in early autumn, as early as September. While the ground is still snow-free, there is a range of activities for guests to enjoy, in the forests and the wild outdoors, with hoar frost and autumn sun. See Swedish Lapland in fiery...

Summer at Treehotel

With a panoramic view of the river valley and a treetop terrace, our long,light summer reach new heights at Treehotel.We offer a wide range of activities, in which guests can enjoy the local environment, cultureand wildlife.Europe’s tallest unrestricted rapids, Sami culture, photography courses, hiking, fatbiking, yoga, beer tasting,canoeing, moose safaris and bear spotting are some examples. Our great chefs serve a summer menu in the...

Relive your memories

Those who wish to capture the midnight sun, northern lights and everything else you experience, can now book our VIP photographer, to accompany you on selected activities.Your first impression of your treeroom, dinner by the river, moose safari, hiking and beautiful views - whatever you choose to do and see, your memories will last forever. Read more         

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