World´s best themed hotel

Once again we have been the World´s best themed hotel in the World Travel Awards. We are so greatful and proud! Without our wonderful and hard working staff, and so many satisfied guests, this wouldn´t be possible. So thank you everyone. Especially a year like this. And welcome to the World´s best themed hotel whenever you can.

No matter when you come here, this is a great place for time for yourself, with lots of space, surrounded by nature and outdoor possibilites. And of course, the coolest rooms ever, on a distance from each other in the top of the trees. 


Lovely summer!

Right now the sun never goes under the horizon and we have daylight all night long. The warm shimmery light in the middle of the night is called...

Spring light at Treehotel

Now the days are growing noticeably longer day by day here in northern Sweden. Soon there is daylight all night long.June 1-15 we offer 20% on all...

Natural seclusion

At Treehotel we offer natural seclusion even in times without the covid-19 situation. Some examples of how we make our hotel as extra safe as...