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Our History at a Glance

Welcome to Treehotel - a place where you can experience nature in a unique way. Treehotel was founded in 2010 by Kent and Britta Lindvall, and since 2022 the hotel is owned by Jonas Olsson and Hannah Wennebro Olsson. Our vision is to deliver a magical experience in a unique environment through passionate, top-class hosting. We promise to constantly strive to develop and innovate our place to create curiosity for your next meeting.

Our business is based in Harads, a small village located in the Norrland forest.

At Treehotel you can relax and enjoy nature at your own pace. You can take a walk along the Lule river, canoe, fish or explore the forest on foot or by bike. We also offer guided tours and activities, including magical Northern Lights tours, treehouse walks and tastings of local produce.

We are proud to run a business with sustainability in focus. We work hard to reduce our environmental impact. We also use local ingredients and work with local producers to support the local economy.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at Treehotel and experience the fantastic Swedish forest in a unique and memorable way!

The experience

At Treehotel in Harads you’ll have an unforgettable experience that starts with a friendly reception at Treehotel Guesthouse before you’re guided to your treeroom. Each treeroom is a unique creation by Scandinavia’s leading architects. The modern design combined with the quiet of the forest creates an instant feeling of luxurious relaxation.