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Swedens seasons are very distinct. Here you can taste everything that is unique.

The restaurant is a significant part of being at one with our spectacular Swedish nature. We offer all kinds of local Swedish delicacies from the northern pantry, whether it’s wild game or our finest hand-picked berries. Taste the highest quality food of the current season and enjoy the creative simplicity of local produce. Our chefs will tell you exactly what’s on the table and offer a personalized experience tailored to your dining needs.

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We like our guests to understand why everything is on the plate

Treehotel Restaurant Crew

The food

Waking up to the smell of freshly home baked bread first thing in the morning is just the beginning of your natural and local menu experience. Move on to a nutritious main of delicate reindeer meat or wild moose, and finish off with an incomparable ice-cold lemon sorbet topped with freshly picked berries from the forest. Taste the season’s flavors and find delight in a range of dining activities. Choose a candle lit dinner under the stars on a frozen lake, or a three-course dinner 10 meters high up in a tree!

The Cuisine

Allow our chefs to take your taste buds on a journey. Not only will you get to taste the wildly nourished ingredients, but you’ll also learn the inspiring story of each dish, such as the secret location the berries are picked, all with accuracy and finesse.

Photos by Mats Engfors Fotographic
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