General preparation/information for your visit

How do I get to Harads?

The closest airport is Luleå Airport, located about 70 min by car from Harads.

If you are travelling by train, the nearest station is Boden, about 35 min from Harads. When travelling by plane or by train you can book a transfer with Treehotel or rent a car and drive here by yourself.

It is also possible to book a helicopter transfer to/from Treehotel.

Please contact booking@treehotel.se and we will help you. We will need to know the time and date of your arrival and, if applicable, your flight number. If you are travelling with children, we would also like to know their age.

Can I use the Internet at Treehotel?

Yes. Our part of northern Sweden has powerful broadband infrastructure and all rooms are equipped with WiFi.

Can I drink the water?

Yes. Sweden has uniquely clean water. All tap water is safe for drinking and here in northern Sweden you can even drink the water from our brooks and mountain lakes.

When do I book activities?

We recommend that you book activities well in advance when visiting us. Activities are listed on our website. When you know what you would like to book, please send an email to booking@treehotel.se or call +46 928 10300. As many of the tours include meals or snacks, we would like you to tell us about any allergies at the time of booking.

Is there bed linen?

Of course! The beds are made and waiting for you in your room.

Can I bring all my luggage to my tree room?

For guests staying in The UFO and Bird’s Nest, rooms which are reached by climbing a ladder, large luggage is left in a designated luggage room at check in. If you need to borrow a backpack, that’s not a problem.

From the check in desk, you will have a 500 metre walk through the forest to reach the room. We are happy to help deliver your luggage, so that you do not have to carry your bag.

Do I have to walk between the check-in area/restaurant and my room?

You check in at our main facility, which also houses a restaurant and a luggage room and is the starting point for our activities. The tree rooms are a couple of minutes’ walk away, approx. 500 metres. If you do not want to, or if you for some reason cannot walk by yourself, we are of course happy to drive you all the way to your room and our guides can provide transportation to and from our activities, which may incur additional fees. However, most of our visitors tend to appreciate the 500 metre walk along a well prepared trail through both coniferous and deciduous forest, where fragrances, the sound of singing birds, the creaking of your shoes against the snow and the surrounding natural environment becomes part of the experience. In winter, you can try kick sledding and feel the thrilling speed as you hurtle down the slopes – and if you are lucky, you might spot elk or reindeer by the side of the trail.

What activities are there?

We offer a very wide selection of activities. The best way to find out more about them is to visit our website or to contact our booking department and they will help you find something to suit you and your company.

Can I bring my dog?

For questions about pets, please contact booking@treehotel.se or +46 920 10300.

Can we get married at Treehotel?

Yes. Please contact our booking department well in advance and they can help you with everything from finding a registrar to flowers and dinner. We are also happy to help you with flowers, champagne etc for proposal, engagement, honeymoons or holidays.

How accessible is Treehotel for the disabled?

The room Blue Cone is accessible. There is a ramp to reach the restaurant and reception and we will arrange car transport to and from the rooms on request. We also have a partner company organising accessible outdoor activities.

What happens if there is a power cut?

It doesn’t happen often. However, if there is a power outage, the electronic ladders can be lowered manually. There is no need to worry about being shut in or not getting down.

Am I allowed to visit the area without being a guest / participating in a guided tour?

The outdoor area surrounding the hotel rooms is private, just like the foyers and hallways of normal hotels – and our guests are to be left alone. We offer guided tours which can be booked in advance. Please visit our activity page for more information. If you would like to visit the hotel by yourself you can go on a solo tour on weekdays between 12PM and 4PM. This costs 75 SEK, you will receive printed materials and you will be able to see the hotel area from outside.

Am I allowed to take pictures of guests staying here?

One of the things that encourages our guests to choose Treehotel is the fact that they have privacy. We do everything we can to keep it that way and we do not allow visits or unsolicited photography of our guests. We thank you for respecting this.

Can I buy gift certificates?

Yes. Send us an email and we will send you a gift certificate and an invoice. Our gift certificates are valid 1 year from the date of issue and non-refundable.


What bathroom amenities are there in the tree rooms?

At Treehotel, we apply a thoroughly ecological approach and it applies to our bathrooms too. All our rooms have Cinderella electric incinerating toilets. The waste is heated to 600 degrees and all that remains is ash. Clear instructions on how the toilet works can be found in the room.

Is there a shower?

Our two largest rooms, Dragonfly and the 7th Room, have showers.

The shower in the 7th Room is another example of our ecological approach. Orbital Systems is a closed water system with integrated purification. This decreases water usage by up to 90% compared to traditional showers.

When staying in the other rooms, you will find showers and saunas in adjacent buildings. You will also find towels, bathrobes, shampoo and soap and you do not need to book showers in advance.

Do I need to book the sauna in advance?

We have two different relaxation and sauna facilities as well as hot tubs that our guests may book. If no one else has booked, you are of course free to book on the same day but if you want to make sure that you get the time of your choosing, we suggest that you book in advance. See more here: Treehotel.se - Activities


Do you serve food at Treehotel?

Of course! We love hungry guests. We have our own cosy and inviting restaurant that has been listed in the prestigious White Guide for several years. Our restaurant is within walking distance of the rooms. There, we also serve a buffet breakfast, complimentary for all our guests, as well as lunch and dinner that can be booked in advance or booked on location.

Our menu follows the seasons and the supply of locally produced ingredients. Please let us know in advance if you have any special requests or allergies.

Do you cater for special dietary needs?

As long as you notify us in advance we can work things out. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any allergies or special dietary needs so that we can order necessary ingredients and plan ahead.

Do you offer room service?

Yes, we do. However, we recommend booking a private room in our restaurant for a more genuine experience.


When is the best time to spot the northern lights?

The northern lights can be seen on clear, dark nights from September to March. Some autumns, we have had many early northern lights. During our coldest months, January-February, we have more hours of darkness during which the lights can be seen.

How do I spot the northern lights?

All our rooms except Bird’s Nest and The UFO have large windows where you can view the northern lights from inside. Turn out the light and you will see them even better. You can also spot them from the ground outside the rooms or take a northern lights tour with one of our guides who will be happy to offer you photography tips. A really powerful, yet simple experience is to simply lie down on your back in the soft snow and watch the spectacle unfold in the sky above.

What kind of clothing do I need to bring?

The climate in Harads is sub-arctic, with warm summers and cold winters. Waterproof winter clothing is needed as late as April, as the snow still remains. Hats, gloves and warm, snow proof shoes are important. In summer, you can dress like you would for any summer holiday, but be prepared for cold days and rain. Treehotel has some equipment to lend if there is something you lack. As for the walk between the restaurant/check-in and the rooms, some people have managed the walk through the forest in stiletto heels but we do recommend something more walking-friendly in summer as well as in winter.

Can I stay in the tree rooms during a storm?

Strong winds can be felt, especially in Bird’s Nest and The UFO. There is a slight sway, but nothing dangerous, most people find it similar to being on a ship at sea and experience it as quite pleasant.

How much snow can the roofs of the rooms support?

It varies depending on their construction, however, all rooms are built with very wide safety and stability margins.

Families and children

Is the hotel suitable for children?

Absolutely! We have been named the best family hotel in the world and we are visited by many families with children. We have several activities which are suitable for families and children, both in summer and in winter. Just playing outside in the forest or in the snow is something most children will enjoy, not to mention staying in a bird’s nest or a UFO.

Do you offer discounts for children?

In all our rooms, children under the age of 2 stay for free. Our basic prices for The UFO, Blue Cone, Bird’s Nest, Cabin and Mirrorcube include two adults. For children aged 2-12, there is an additional fee of 500 SEK per night. When staying in Dragonfly or The 7th Room, you pay a total price for 1-4 or 1-5 guests, regardless of age.

Wildlife, nature, weather

What is the weather like in Harads?

We have a varied climate, ranging from really warm summer days with sunshine and 25-30 degrees Celsius, to cold winter days with temperatures falling lower than -30 degrees Celsius. Beautiful, sunny autumn days with crisp, clear air or rain and wind. Warm spring days bathed in sunshine, where you can still walk on the ice and snow that remains, thanks to our cold nights. Or, what we in Sweden would call “April weather”, with sudden swings between rain, snow and sunshine. In short, you can experience great variation, depending on the season and the weather of the day.

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

We only have mosquitoes in summer and the amount varies from year to year – and greatly from one place to another. The tree rooms are located in a pinewood forest with dry ground, which means there are normally fewer insects than there would be by a wet mire or near a lake. High up in the trees, where we have The 7th Room and our Tree dining, 10 metres up, there are not many insects. Everything is relative, but if the insects become a nuisance, we will be happy to help you with tips and mosquito repellent.

Do the mosquitoes carry disease?

No, our mosquitoes are completely harmless. Their bites will sometimes itch but they fade away after a short while.

How do I protect myself against mosquitoes?

If you are annoyed by the insects or if you are going out into the woods, on a hike for instance, it may be a good idea to cover your arms and legs with breathable clothing. Our staff will also help you with various tips and bring non-toxic repellent that you can use.

Are there dangerous wild animals in the environment?

Every now and then our guests see reindeer, elk, foxes etc. on their way between the room and the restaurant or from their room windows. None of these animals are dangerous and they will normally keep their distance. Bears can be found in the area during the summer months but they are very shy. In winter, they hibernate. Of course, you must respect the animals, keep your distance from them and take care not to frighten or threaten a female with offspring, regardless of the species.

The only poisonous species we have in the country is the common European adder. However, its bite is not dangerous unless you are oversensitive to its venom.

How often do birds fly into Mirrorcube?

In our experience, the mirror effect of Mirrorcube means that they will not fly into the windows in the same way they often do with other large windows. It may happen but very rarely and no more often than anywhere else.


Safe to visit

  • Meals are served in separate rooms in the restaurant, upon request
  • Each respective travel group may be offered separate transfer services and activities
  • Separate, unique and secluded rooms
  • Room service (for a fee)
  • A wide variety of outdoor activities in small, private groups
  • Beautiful outdoor hiking and workout locations nearby
  • Sauna bookings are always private
  • Our professional, experienced staff will clean your room with meticulous care
  • We are a small group of employees, with low employee turnover rates and strict demands that no one comes to work showing any symptoms of cold or flu.
  • In the event that a guest falls ill, we have a clear, rapid action plan in place.

Of course we follow the advice and recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden.