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Blue Cone

Designed by Sandellsandberg, Thomas Sandell

Blue Cone - Tradition Meets Tranquility

Step into the tranquil embrace of The Blue Cone, where tradition and simplicity reign. Wake up to a spectacular view at your feet, with a reflective mirror amplifying the beauty. Relax by the large window and soak in the serene surroundings. The room also features a sleeping loft with two single beds.

Room Blue Cone 1
Room Blue Cone 2
Room Blue Cone 3
Room Blue Cone 4


Construction Year 2010
Architect Designed by Sandellsandberg
Designed for 4 people. One double bed and two single beds on the loft.
Includes Eco shower, incineration toilet and water dispenser
Accessibility Easy - Step ladder to access the single beds
Construction companies Svartlå Byggkonsult
Lighting by Atelje Lyktan


2 people Starting from 6 400 SEK incl VAT
Extra adult    950
Extra child    550
Kids Infants 0-2 years free
Animals are allowed for an additional cleaning fee of 1000 SEK incl VAT.

Note that price is season dependent and individual for each room. All rooms include a buffet breakfast. Note that the price applies only to this specific room. 

The Blue Cone

Designed by Sandellsandberg, Thomas Sandell

Sandellsandberg, Thomas Sandell – developing everything from products to cities

"After one of our fishing trips on the Kola Peninsula, where we first had the idea, we invited a couple of architect friends to try one idea each. I took it upon myself to design an accessible room, with a long, sloping ramp for wheelchairs and a larger bathroom. At first, I envisioned a bright, blue building, but on one of the site inspections I spotted a bright red panelboard used in construction, shining beautifully against the snowy backdrop. I therefore went with red instead of blue. Just like Ragnar Östbergs Blue Hall, the main hall of the Stockholm City Hall, which never became blue as planned, but remains red to this day."

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