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The Cabin

Designed by Cyrén & Cyrén, Mårten and Gustav Cyrén

The Cabin - Romance with a Valley View

Experience romance in The Cabin, perched high on a sharp hillside overlooking the Luleå River valley. Accessible via a horizontal bridge among the trees, it boasts a spacious wooden deck and a breathtaking view. Surrender to the allure of nature as you create lasting memories in this romantic retreat.

Room Cabin 1
Room Cabin 2
Room Cabin 3
Room Cabin 4
Room Cabin 5


Construction Year 2010
Architect Cyrén & Cyrén, Mårten Cyrén & Gustav Cyrén
Designed for 2 people. Double bed.
Includes Incineration toilet and water dispenser
Accessibility Moderate (varying types of steps or ladders)
Construction companies Vittjärvshus
Lighting by Atelje Lyktan


2 people Starting from 6 400 SEK incl VAT
Kids Infants 0-2 years free
Animals are not allowed

Note that price is season dependent and individual for each room. All rooms include a buffet breakfast. Note that the price applies only to this specific room. 

The Cabin

Designed by Cyrén & Cyrén, Mårten and Gustav Cyrén

Cyrén & Cyrén – brothers and architects Mårten and Gustav Cyrén

"Practically everyone gets a dreamy look in their eyes when we tell them about this project. Maybe Treehotel takes us back to the childhood dream of a treehouse amongst the treetops. This is a ‘hands-on’ project where the measurements between trees, the sloping of the ground and the capability of the cranes have all played a defining part. What is fun and interesting is that these circumstances have added to, rather than limited, the initial idea, and refined the end result. With The Cabin, we wanted to create something for families, without ladders and stairs, where you can enjoy the view from your bed."


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