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Designed by Inredningsgruppen, Bertil Harström

UFO - Unearth the Unexpected

Encounter the unexpected in the heart of the forest - a UFO hovering amongst the trees. Small windows illuminate your surroundings, and you'll feel the gentle sway as it's suspended among the trees. An otherworldly experience awaits, just outside your window.

Room The Ufo 1
Room The Ufo 2
Room The Ufo 3


Construction Year 2011
Architect Inredningsgruppen, Bertil Harström
Designed for 5 people. One double bed and three shorter single beds.
Includes Incineration toilet and water dispenser
Accessibility Adventurous (entering by climbing ladder)
Construction companies APC Composite
Lighting by Atelje Lyktan


2 people Starting from 5 500 SEK incl VAT
Extra adult 950 SEK
Extra child 550 SEK
Kids Infants 0-2 years free
Note Access by ladder only

Note that price is season dependent and individual for each room. All rooms include a buffet breakfast. Note that the price applies only to this specific room. 

The Ufo

Designed by Inredningsgruppen, Bertil Harström

Inredningsgruppen, Bertil Harström – experienced interior architect, wood and tree lover, whose motto is “bloom where you are planted”

“The individuality of the different tree rooms is an important part of Treehotel’s success. As architects, we consciously worked independently of each other, to create unique solutions of our own, whilst all aiming for environmentally friendly rooms, usable all year round. I chose a child’s perspective and created a bird’s nest and a UFO. My close collaboration with Kent and Britta also resulted in a number of auxiliary buildings. These are not meant to compete with the hotel rooms, but rather be quiet éminences grises. Treehotel means a lot to me. Harads has become somewhat of my second home.” 


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